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A titanium mix with the warmth of the acetate for a contemporary object.

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TARIAN l'Atelier



Drawing his inspiration form a rare and precious XVIII th century technique, Jeremy Tarian has been revisiting tradition since 2012 with this marbled crockery of “mixed clays”.

Naturally colored or tinted with oxides such as copper, cobalt and chrome, the clays are mixed in thin layers of 3 to 5 mm, molded, sanded and baked at 980° C before being enameled and baked again at 1280° C. It is the clear enamel that makes Jeremy’s earthenware so special as it highlights the various colors and the texture of the clays.

Jeremy also combines the worlds of eyewear and ceramic to create original works such as masks, displays and various mirrors, all made in Paris, as per usual.


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