Edition de lunettes

TARIAN, the eyewear editor opens the doors to you, with its wave of colours, materials, and shapes, all joyfully orchestrated in a mischievous spirit.

Since 2011, Jeremy Miklitarian has been cultivating his know-how and his search for details by developing his collections in the form of micro-editions.

Inspired by his travels, it is in Paris a few streets from Place des Vosges that the artist puts down his luggage. There he draws, assembles, and composes elegant and uninhibited glasses.

It is exploring, adventuring and playing that invites us to look differently.


A 150 year history


Cellulose acetate


Derived from cellulose created in 1869 by John Wesley Hyatt


Natural vegetale matter (wood and cotton)


Nocle, respectful of the environment

Properties In a range of colors, volumes and thicknesses

Welcome to my creative room

My new space plays with perspectives and revel in free associations. A multidisciplinary area between ceramics and eyewear.


Built in the 17th century and redesigned around 1780, Hotel Melun is a Marais area historic building close to Place des Vosges.

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