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A French eyewear brand that embodies innovation and passion for design while combining artisanal know-how and contemporary vision.

Helmed by Jérémy Miklitarian, the TARIAN eyewear brand offers a timeless Parisian style, cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and rich in influences.

Made with materials selected for their quality and designed to be worn daily, the collections are designed like a wardrobe that stands the test of time. The color palette presents a wide range of neutral and translucent tones that highlight the pure lines of the silhouette and compliment the face.

Each collection is designed and developed in the historic Marais district in Paris, within our Atelier located at 50 rue des Tournelles.

TARIAN collaborates with photographers, designers, artists, who share the same principles and the same passion for carefully crafted glasses, from the first sketches to delivery to our optician partners.


TARIAN uses materials produced in Italy and Japan, selected for their authenticity, durability, and originality. Technical structures such as titanium hinges are made in Germany.

The selection of our manufacturers is a collaborative work with craftsmen that has resulted in inventive shapes obtained through new approaches to old techniques. Made from wood pulp and cotton fiber, cellulose acetate ensures unparalleled quality to our creations. The DNA of Tarian lies in the characteristics of this material made in Italy; play of colors, thicknesses, and volume.

The comfort of the frame is provided by the work of the "nose fitting", the study of the ergonomics of the glasses and the integration of flexible titanium hinges.

Meet Jérémy in his Atelier

The birth of a profession

" I do not subscribe to the idea of "fast fashion" collections. I put no pressure on myself to produce more and faster. On the contrary, I strive to take the time necessary to create each piece with the utmost care and attention. It is important to understand and respect the object that is the glasses. It is an object that is very personal and requires great technicality in its realization. The work of creating and manufacturing glasses is incredibly exciting. It is a field that offers an infinity of creative possibilities. "



I start from my sources, my desires, and do not hide my inspirations, which are ceramics and drawing.

Since my childhood, I have indulged in drawing frenziedly, using all kinds of accessories: felt-tip pens, pencils, brushes, smooth, thick, granular papers. I draw without calculation, without protocol, without plan.

I appreciate the immediacy of ceramics where the shape appears immediately. The clay is fresh, full of sensuality. This contrasts with the design of the frames, which requires precise work. I like to spend time on my artistic activity, independent of my profession as a designer. However, these two disciplines feed each other.


The noble material

Made from wood pulp and cotton fiber, Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate ensures unparalleled quality to our creations. The DNA of Tarian lies in the characteristics of this material made in Italy; play of colors, thicknesses, and volume.


Intelligent sourcing

The materials of our capsule collections come from acetate plates that we recycle, thus giving a second life to exceptional acetates that would otherwise never have seen the light of day. These are our glasses editions.


Reasoned production

We are manufacturing our eyeglasses with noble materials and perfects fits, in a sustainable production cycle in order to supply frames in a limited and numbered edition of 500 pieces.


A committed designer

Tarian doesn't just create eyewear; we aim to have a positive impact on the community. For the past eight years, we have been a partner of the Braderie de la Mode organized by AIDES in Paris and Marseille, where we donate sunglasses.

Our commitment goes beyond the simple commercial aspect to touch on causes close to our hearts.